The company "Ukrainian Armored Vehicles," the East European industrial conglomerate Czechoslovak Group, and the European division of the American corporation General Dynamics are exploring the possibility of manufacturing ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

This was reported by the press service of “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles”.

According to the company’s CEO, the experience of modern warfare has demonstrated the tremendous value of armored vehicles in saving the lives of military personnel.

Experts from the company, together with servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Research and Testing Institute of Arms and Military Equipment, and specialists from the “Czechoslovak Group” holding, visited the production facilities of General Dynamics European Land Systems in Trubia, Spain.

There, they familiarized themselves with the unique production of wheeled and tracked vehicles using state-of-the-art technologies and in compliance with NATO standards.

Ukrainian servicemen also tested the ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicle to compare its dynamic characteristics with the equipment currently in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“We are discussing with General Dynamics European Land Systems the possibility of promptly supplying ASCOD to Ukraine, establishing production and servicing the platform in Ukraine, and integrating advanced weapon systems, electronics, and communication systems to achieve operational compatibility with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO”, the company’s press service reported.

Background: The universal ASCOD platform can be equipped with various weapon systems, including combat modules with 30/40mm automatic cannons such as the MK 44 Bushmaster, turrets with 105mm or 120mm caliber cannons, and anti-tank guided missile complexes.

The platform features unique ballistic and anti-mine protection systems, providing protection levels according to STANAG 4569 – Level 4 for ballistic protection (armor-piercing projectiles of 14.5mm caliber) and Level 4a/4b for anti-mine protection (10 kg of explosive substance).

ASCOD is in service with leading armies around the world and NATO countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Austria, and others.

Photo: getty images