Kyiv 24 News is the English version of the website Kyiv 24 with important news of the capital Ukraine.

Kyiv 24 is an Internet portal of city news, which promptly informs about current news in the socio-political and cultural life of the city.

Kyiv 24 is a media of the capital`s community, an integrated multimedia platform of TV-channel Kyiv and «Radio Kyiv – 98 FM», which combines the TV channel’s sites – and radio stations –, as well as information sites with current news

Kyiv TV Channel is a modern broadcaster of the capital one of the european country. We are always the first to know what, where and when is happening in Kyiv.

Radio Kyiv – 98 FM is an information and music radio station, only-begotten city radio broadcaster in the capital, which comprehensively covers the life of the city for Kyiv residents and guests. The radio station broadcasts exclusively songs of Ukrainian-speaking performers and the best hits of world performers.

We are the media of the city community, we are always serving the citizens of Kyiv. Our slogan is “On your side”.

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