The General Staff of Ukraine confirmed a successful attack on oil terminals in the Krasnodar region at the port of "Kavkaz".

This is stated in the General Staff’s report on Facebook.

“A strike group of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the ferry crossing and the oil terminal at the port of ‘Kavkaz’ in Russia’s Krasnodar region”.

This happened at the beginning of the day on May 31 – the night after the Defense Forces of Ukraine accurately disabled the ferries of the Kerch ferry crossing in the occupied Ukrainian Crimea, which traveled to the port of “Kavkaz” and were used for the aggressor’s military logistics.

The strike on the oil terminal near the port of “Kavkaz” was carried out by several Ukrainian-made missiles from the coastal missile complex “Neptune.”

Additionally, according to the General Staff, strike UAVs of the Defense Forces hit another oil terminal in the Krasnodar region.

“The ‘modern’ and ‘effective’ Russian air defense once again proved powerless against our missiles and unmanned systems and could not protect important objects used for the logistics and supply of the Russian army”, the General Staff noted.

Photo: General Staff