Ukrainian forces have destroyed a Russian military convoy on Russian territory using FPV (first-person view) drones. The preemptive strike targeted the Russian military convoy near the border with the Sumy region.

This information was reported by the Ukrainian military on Telegram.

According to Ukrainian military sources, 18 units of Russian equipment in the Kursk region were moving towards the border but were halted by precise strikes near the town of Sudzha.

This action is another result of the White House’s approval for Ukraine to target military objectives on Russian territory in the border areas of Kharkiv and now Sumy.

It’s noteworthy that the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) recently reported that reinforcements for Russian forces in the Kharkiv region indicate their probable efforts to divert Ukrainian forces from critical sections of the frontline in eastern Ukraine and to establish a buffer zone in northern Kharkiv Oblast. This suggests that the Russians aim to commence the second phase of their offensive in Kharkiv.

The ISW continues to assess that Russian forces likely hold significant reserves in the Northern Group of Forces, which includes elements of the 11th Army Corps, the 44th Army Corps, and the 6th Combined Arms Army—all units of the Russian Leningrad Military District.

As of now, this group of forces has not reached its planned final strength of 50,000-70,000 personnel. However, even at the upper limit of the stated final strength, it would lack the necessary manpower to successfully conduct an operation to encircle or capture the city of Kharkiv.

Photo: open sources