On the afternoon of June 4, Poles blocked the movement of trucks at the "Rava-Ruska – Hrebenne" checkpoint on the border with Ukraine.

This was reported by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

At 11:20, information came from the Polish side about the start of the blockade of traffic to the Hrebenne checkpoint.

It is noted that representatives of local farming enterprises demanded a reduction in the import of grain crops into Poland from Ukraine.

According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, as part of the announced blockade, protesters are not allowing trucks to exit Ukraine.

According to the State Border Guard Service, truck entry into Ukraine is being carried out according to the previously announced schedule—12 vehicles within 12 hours, plus an additional four trucks carrying humanitarian aid per hour.

The passage of other categories of vehicles in both directions is being carried out as usual.

As of 11:20, the queue of trucks waiting to exit Ukraine consisted of 33 vehicles registered in the electronic queue.

The organizers of the blockade in Poland, the recently created “Committee for the Protection of Carriers and Employers in the Transport Industry”, claim that the action is economic and not political. However, their actions have not found support among the authorities and other organizations of carriers. Nevertheless, the protest is being actively supported by the consistent anti-Ukrainian and anti-European party “Konfederacja”, whose representatives are the most vocal in expressing anti-Ukrainian statements, fighting against Ukrainian refugees in the media, and already billing for assistance to Ukraine and its citizens.

Photo: Kyiv24