The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reclaimed lost positions in Vovchansk, located northeast of Kharkiv. This includes positions along Dukhova Street in the city center.

This information was reported in a recent update from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Geolocated footage from June 3rd shows Russian and Ukrainian forces engaged in hand-to-hand combat along Dukhova Street. American analysts suggest that this indicates Ukrainian defense forces are counterattacking to regain control of the area.

Several Russian military bloggers have claimed that the Ukrainian army is attempting counterattacks in central Vovchansk and in the broader northern direction of the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian military analyst Kostiantyn Mashovets noted that Russian bloggers are complaining about the increasing intensity of Ukrainian counterattacks in the Kharkiv direction. He speculates that Russian sources might soon claim they have repelled a significant Ukrainian counteroffensive in this area.

Yuriy Povkh, spokesperson for the Ukrainian “Kharkiv” military group, mentioned that the occupiers have slightly reduced the intensity of shelling in the northern Kharkiv region and are assaulting Ukrainian positions with small groups of troops, numbering “no more than a few motorized rifle units.”

Despite this, the occupiers have confirmed an advance north of Kharkiv towards Lyptsi. Geolocated footage from May 31st shows Russian forces advancing to buildings along Studentska Street in the northwest of Hlyboke (north of Lyptsi). Additionally, on the evening of June 2nd and during the day on June 3rd, the Ukrainian General Staff reported battles near Lyptsi.

The ISW emphasizes that Russia’s key objective remains to push Ukrainian forces away from the international border with the Belgorod region and to approach Kharkiv within the range of artillery.

On May 10th, Russian forces launched an offensive in the northern Kharkiv region. Currently, they are reinforcing and resupplying on the Lyptsi and Vovchansk fronts, striving to maintain offensive momentum.

Street fighting continues in Vovchansk, with the enemy attempting to advance deeper but facing losses and lack of success. Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces have begun counterattacking the Russians in Vovchansk. The defense forces repelled a Russian advance in the Kharkiv region on April 2nd and reclaimed several blocks.

In the Kupiansk direction, Russians are reinforcing to maintain their potential. According to the regional governor, active combat has been ongoing there for the past 10 months.

The ISW reported that reinforcements for Russian troops in the Kharkiv region likely indicate efforts to divert Ukrainian forces from critical sections of the eastern front and to create a buffer zone in the northern Kharkiv region. This suggests that the Russians aim to start the second phase of their offensive in Kharkiv.

Photo: Getty Images