The coalition government of Germany has decided to relax the ban on the use of German weapons. This decision was influenced by the recent increased Russian attacks in the border zone of the Kharkiv region.

The SPIEGEL reported this.

“These changes are not solely Germany’s initiative. Previously, the U.S. government had quietly allowed Ukraine to use American weapons to a limited extent against targets on Russian territory. This applies exclusively to offensives to defend the city of Kharkiv”, the article states.

SPIEGEL does not specify which targets and within what geographical limits on Russian territory Berlin has permitted the use of its weapons by the Defense Forces.

Meanwhile, the German opposition is critical of this decision.

“I urge Chancellor Scholz to clearly reject the demand for the use of Western weapons on Russian territory”, said Janine Wissler, leader of the Left Party, before the decision was announced. She called the demands “irresponsible and very dangerous”. According to her, “every Western missile that hits Russia increases the risk of an unpredictable escalation of this war”.

Party founder Sahra Wagenknecht expressed similar warnings.

Photo: Getty Images