The coalition for the return of deported Ukrainian children to Russia includes 28 countries, predominantly European, such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. But this is not enough.

This was reported by the analyst of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Aksana Filipishyna, during a broadcast on KYIV24.

Filipishyna emphasized that it is impossible to return children to Ukraine without Russia’s consent.

“To achieve Russia’s willingness, countries that have leverage over Russia, which it listens to, must be part of the coalition”, she said.

Filipishyna mentioned two cases of children being returned with the help of third countries – Qatar and the Vatican. However, these are isolated incidents.

“Children should return in large numbers, as we hear about the 207 prisoners of war who have been released”, Filipishyna added.

Currently, only isolated cases of Ukrainian children being reunited with their families have been reported.

Photo: RFE/RL