It will depict the most significant places of Kyiv region and our country.

Oleksiy Kuleba, the head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, told about this in Telegram.

According to him, a 100-meter mural “Ukraine 24/7 is in the heart of every resident of Kyiv region, every Ukrainian” is being created in Fastov.

Together with the activists, the mothers of the fallen heroes from the Fastiv community are creating the mural.

“It is symbolic that it was in Fastiv in 1918 that the Act of Unification between ZUNR and UNR was pre-signed. Fastiv is a city of unity. And the youth of Kyiv region confirm this with their creative work every day,” Kuleba noted.

And he added that now young people are working on all fronts – military, volunteer, labor, creative and artistic, bringing the victory closer.

Photo: Facebook