The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a military airfield in Dzhankoy, where the Russian army's aviation was based, among other units.

This information was confirmed by the head of the Unified Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Natalia Humeniuk, during an interview with “Radio Svoboda”.

“In Crimea, the ‘cotton season’ (a meme in Ukraine referring to explosions at Russian depots, airbases, refineries, etc.) is ongoing. We should await the results from the General Staff. It is still the right ‘Dzhankoy night’. And they should stick to it. In reality, we never hide the fact that combat operations are taking place. But we provide verified results—clarified, verified, and officially confirmed”, she said.

According to her, it’s crucial to await an official statement from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Humeniuk emphasized that the military airfield in Dzhankoy is a legitimate target, an appropriate facility where the Russian army’s aviation was based.

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that Ukraine used long-range ATACMS missiles of American production for pinpoint strikes on Dzhankoy. Journalists noted that Dzhankoy airfield is a key node for Russia and is used by the occupiers to strike Ukraine. Some valuable military aircraft, along with missile systems S-300 and S-400, are stored there, including the Russian attack helicopter Ka-52 “Alligator,” Mi-8, Mi-28N, and Mi-35M.

The alarm sounded only after the first strike. This indicates that the Russians attacked unexpectedly, likely making it a successful ambush by Ukrainian forces. Six major fires broke out at the airfield. The attack was so massive that the main highway in the area had to be closed.

Recall that explosions were reported overnight in the occupied Crimea in the city of Dzhankoy near the military airfield. Local Telegram channels reported this. After the explosions at the military airfield, a massive fire broke out.

Photo: open sources