Near 850,000 passengers have used their rights for a subsidized ride.

The frequency of trains in the metro is now 4-5 minutes at peak hours and 8-10 minutes in off-peak hours. Please see the detailed schedule and stations’ operating hours on the Kyiv Metro website.

Trains pass through the Khreschatyk, Dnipro, Hidropark, and Maidan Nezalezhnosti stations without stopping.

Currently, you can’t change metro lines at the Khreschatyk-Maidan Nezalezhnosti transfer hub. Instead, the Zoloti Vorota-Teatralna and Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo-Palats Sportu transfer hubs are open for passengers.

Please remember that if air raid sirens go off, trains running on the above-ground part of lines will be halted. All the underground metro stations operate as shelters 24/7.

Please be reminded that escalators at the Lukyanivska metro station and the Zoloti Vorota-Teatralna transfer hub are undergoing major repairs.

Photo: pixabay