The European Union urgently needs to provide Ukraine with more air defense systems and ammunition.

This was statedby the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, during a speech at the European forum Nueva Economia Forum.

He revealed that he spoke with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, a few days ago. At that time, the Foreign Minister urgently requested the provision of seven Patriot batteries to defend his country.

“There can be no compelling argument that we cannot provide them, considering that European armies have about 100 Patriot batteries. And yet, we are still unable to provide the seven they desperately request”, he said.

The EU High Representative noted that Europe should pay more attention not only to the future reconstruction of Ukraine but also to preventing its destruction now.

“The Ukrainians do not have the means to avoid destruction because, frankly speaking, we should be doing more and faster to provide them with the capabilities they need”, Borrell stated.

It was also previously reported that Germany is initiating an analysis of all available Patriot batteries and other air defense systems, not only among allies but also worldwide, to see what can be done to deliver them to Ukraine.

Photo: open sources