Before talking about rebuilding Ukraine, it's better to prevent its destruction.

This was stated by the EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, as reported by Le Monde.

Responding to a question about whether France can do more for Ukraine than Germany, Borrell said that everyone can do more to fulfill European commitments.

“My role is not to point fingers at one country or another but to develop a common position. For me, the total figure is important, but I understand very well that this sum consists of very different concepts”, he said.

Borrell emphasized that the issue is not about time but quantity.

“A year from now might be too late. Before talking about rebuilding Ukraine, we must prevent its destruction. It’s cheaper to buy Patriot systems than to rebuild a power plant targeted by the Russians”, said the EU’s chief diplomat.

Amid a lack of assistance from allies, Ukraine has completely exhausted its missile supply for defense, allowing the Russians to destroy the Zaporizhzhia power plant.

President of Ukraine mentioned this in an interview with PBS. He emphasized that allies provide Ukraine with various equipment, but it’s not enough.

Recall that on the night of April 11, the Russians completely destroyed the Zaporizhzhia Thermal Power Plant in the Kyiv region. The strikes caused a massive fire in the turbine hall. The turbine hall of the nuclear reactor is the only safest place. However, other facilities lack point defense. The Zaporizhzhia Thermal Power Plant in the Kyiv region requires rebuilding after the Russian Federation’s attack. But due to the constant threat of a repeat strike without providing Ukraine with air defense systems, restoring the power plant is a futile endeavor, according to “Centrenergo” PJSC.

Photo: open sources