In Moldova, law enforcement officials have found fragments of a destroyed drone with the inscription "Герань-2," which is actually an Iranian combat drone known as "Shahed".

This was reported by the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova.

Around 14:15 on April 4th, near the town of Ețulia-Vladichen in the Vulcănești district, fragments of the destroyed drone with the inscription “Герань-2” on its wing were identified. According to the report, the fragments were found approximately 500 meters from the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.

Competent authorities immediately arrived at the scene, and access to the area where the drone fragments were found was restricted for analysis by experts.

It is worth noting that it is known that Russia received Shahed-136 combat drones from Iran for attacks on Ukraine. Later, it became known that the Russians acquired the technology to produce these drones and started manufacturing them in Russia. The exact location where the drone found in Moldova was manufactured will be determined by expertise.

Photo: open sources