German companies are cooperating with Russia in the temporarily occupied Mariupol.

This was revealed in an investigation by Tagesschau.

“Annual reports, company websites, photographs, and videos all provide evidence that German companies play a significant role in the reconstruction of Mariupol”, the material states.

In particular, heavy construction machinery and windows bearing the logos of several German manufacturers are involved.

It is noted that the German company Knauf is involved in this, specializing in the production of construction materials. Additionally, WKB Systems collaborates with Russia, producing equipment for the construction of porous concrete, which is also used in Mariupol. The main shareholder of WKB Systems is Russian oligarch Viktor Budarin. Therefore, he uses his German company as a supplier for the construction industry in Russia.

Earlier reports also indicated that a concealed Russian vessel was spotted in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, which was brought into the port of the city. This is the first Russian ship in the area in 2024.

Photo: The insider