Germany has delivered a package of military aid to Ukraine, the largest since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion. It includes both new and previously used weapons and equipment,

This was reported on the website of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Germany has provided Ukraine with a new package of military aid, which includes 10 main battle tanks Leopard 1 A5, 14 tracked all-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206, five tracked rapid assistance vehicles Carrier Warthog, over a thousand 155mm caliber shells, ten reconnaissance unmanned systems VECTOR, 14 Ground Observer 12 counter-battery radars, three border protection vehicles, four 8×8 HX81 trucks with four semi-trailers, 16 Zetros trucks, and 13 MAN TGS trucks.

While Leopard 1 A5 tanks are outdated, they can still be effective against Russian armored vehicles. Bandvagn 206 tracked all-terrain vehicles will be useful for troop and cargo transport in off-road conditions. Carrier Warthog tracked rapid assistance vehicles will facilitate the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield.

The 155mm caliber shells will be used for artillery systems that Ukraine has received from other countries. The VECTOR unmanned systems will assist the Ukrainian army in obtaining intelligence on the movement of Russian forces. Ground Observer 12 counter-battery radars will enable Ukrainian forces to detect and destroy Russian artillery batteries.

Border protection vehicles will be used to safeguard Ukraine’s borders from potential Russian incursions. The 8×8 HX81 trucks and their semi-trailers will be used for cargo transport, while Zetros and MAN TGS trucks will be utilized for troop and cargo transport.

Photo: Getty Images