Greece could transfer Patriot PAC-3 air defense systems to Ukraine in exchange for American "guarantees" against the Turkish threat and a package of financial compensations.

This was reported by Pronews.

According to the publication, Athens may transfer one of the two Patriot systems deployed in Greece to Ukraine. Government sources state that the US has provided “guarantees” of Greece’s security against the Turkish threat during the use of the Patriot system, without specifying the exact “guarantees” offered.

Assurances are given that in case of battery destruction, they will be replaced by the US with new ones, “and in any case, you will get the money from the $61 billion package provided to Ukraine”.

In other words, as with the Patriots supplied to Saudi Arabia, the US incurred significant costs for their timely activation, meaning bringing them back into operation, as they were either not working or were ineffective due to a lack of spare parts.

Recall that the Greek government is modernizing its air force. Therefore, it plans to sell fighter jets that are due to be phased out, including F-16s.

Photo: Getty Images