Starlink satellite communication systems are being sold to Russia through third countries, but efforts are underway to "neutralize this threat."

This was revealed by a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Andriy Yusov, during a television marathon.

“Russia continues to work through so-called parallel imports, essentially smuggling. For example, through third countries – we will not name specific countries, this information needs clarification – Starlink is freely available for sale in the territory of the Russian Federation, on open online platforms… No one claims that Starlink is officially being sold to Russians. But today, the Russian Federation is not only the number one terrorist country but also the number one smuggling country, so this is a problem that is being addressed today”, he explained.

Yusov noted that in 2024, Russians began to use Starlink more “systematically and efficiently” on the front lines.

“The occupiers are betting on these devices and gadgets. Of course, work is underway to neutralize this threat. We won’t reveal all the threats we’re dealing with right now”, added the intelligence officer.

Recall that earlier, Elon Musk stated that SpaceX had not sold its Starlink satellite communication terminals to Russia either directly or indirectly.

Photo: Getty Images