On the morning of April 17, the Russians struck Chernihiv several times. There are reports of 10 deaths and 18 injuries. The rescue operation is ongoing.

This was reported by the acting mayor of Chernihiv, and secretary of the city council, Oleksandr Lomako.

“As of 10:40, there are already 8 deaths and 18 injuries due to Russian missile strikes on Chernihiv”, he announced.

According to Oleksandr Lomako, the search and rescue operation is still ongoing. Rescue teams continue to provide assistance to the injured.

He emphasized that the targets attacked were social infrastructure facilities not connected to critical infrastructure.

Recall that the Russians launched three missile strikes near the city center in the morning. All necessary services are working at the scene. The Chernihiv regional blood center has announced an urgent blood donation drive to assist the wounded.

Photo: open sources