On Monday, November 13, Russian occupiers shelled a car with artillery in the outskirts of Kherson. The driver was killed, the two-month-old baby suffered a blast injury to the head, and the mother sustained traumatic amputation of her legs; she is in critical condition.

This was reported by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Igor Klymenko.

“The car caught fire as a result of the impact. The 36-year-old mother is in critical condition in the hospital. The man who was behind the wheel died. Presumably, he was the 64-year-old grandfather of the child. The identity will be determined by forensic experts since the body was practically completely burned”, the report said.

The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, specified that the car carried a family returning from a medical examination. The Russians targeted the car with artillery, and the car burst into flames instantly. Prosecutors, together with other law enforcement officers, are documenting the consequences of the shelling. They have initiated a pre-trial investigation in a criminal case regarding the violation of laws and customs of war in conjunction with intentional homicide.

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs