In the temporarily occupied part of Kherson region, resistance forces destroyed the headquarters of the dictator of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin's party.

This was reported by the National Resistance Center.

“In the morning of February 27, explosions occurred near the entrance to the office of the occupation party ‘United Russia’ and near the ‘polling station’ in Nova Kakhovka”, the statement said.

As noted, the resistance forces sent a “greeting” to the occupiers and stopped the fake “electoral” process in the captured city.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that currently, the enemy is trying to conceal the presence of resistance forces in the area, so the Russians claim “mythical UAVs allegedly hitting objects, even though this does not correspond to reality”.

The National Resistance Center calls on Ukrainian citizens not to participate in the Kremlin’s propaganda setup called “elections”.

At the same time, the Resistance Movement notes that every collaborator who helps organize the “electoral process” will be held accountable for their actions.

As is known, in Nova Kakhovka, located in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region, Ukrainians distribute posters urging to ignore the “elections” of the President of the Russian Federation and destroy Russian propaganda publications.

The “Yellow Ribbon” movement has created “Boycott.Bot”, where everyone living in the occupation can learn about effective and safe methods of ignoring the so-called elections. The resistance movement calls for ignoring and boycotting the fake presidential elections of the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Presidential elections will be held in the Russian Federation on March 17. The Russian Central Election Commission has decided that voting in the presidential elections of Russia will also take place in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Photo: open sources