The invaders are building a reserve road on the Arabat Spit to redeploy equipment to the south of mainland Ukraine.

“Given that the road through Armiansk is becoming dangerous for the Russians, the enemy is building a reserve road through the Arabat Spit,” the National Resistance Center reports.

It is noted that the enemy plans to expand the road on the Arabat Spit to increase its carrying capacity for redeploying equipment to the south of mainland Ukraine.

The Center notes that a local collaborator, former head of Strilky village council Oleksandr Ponomariov, helps the invaders.

“However, these plans will not fundamentally change the situation in the south for the enemy. But the collaborator, who is currently hiding in Kakhovka, will be held to account for the crime in accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” the National Resistance Center says.

As reported, Russian trucks in the temporarily captured Mariupol transport ammunition and military equipment to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Photo: Facebook