In the Russian army, murderers, rapists, and cannibals who feel impunity on the occupied territories of Ukraine are being mobilized. The Kremlin promises them amnesty for participating in the war against Ukraine.

This was stated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhiy Kyslytsia, at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

After returning from combat, some of them continue to commit crimes on the territory of Russia.

According to reports in the media, the Russian army includes Dmitry Malyshev, a cannibal who killed several people and ate the heart of one of them, and Alexandr Maslyennikov, a maniac who killed and dismembered two women.

Kyslytsia emphasized that “such skills are in demand in the Russian army now”, and Putin calls such people “true heroes” of Russia.

“It is hard to imagine the suffering of the residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine when rapists and murderers serving in the Russian army enjoy complete impunity for crimes against them”, said the Ukrainian representative to the UN.

According to Russian media reports, at least 24 convicted murderers who were granted amnesty and returned home from Ukraine have committed murders again.

It is worth noting that in March, the Russian State Duma supported bills allowing those convicted of rape to sign contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Photo: Dmitry Malyshev and Alexandr Maslyennikov (open sources)