Renowned businessman Igor Kolomoisky, who is already implicated in a case of laundering assets obtained through fraudulent means, has been charged with yet another offense. This time, Igor Kolomoisky is suspected of organizing a contract killing.

This information was provided by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

According to the investigation, the suspect, motivated by personal revenge, ordered the murder of the director of one of the legal firms for failing to comply with demands to invalidate decisions made at the general meetings of shareholders of an open joint-stock company.

To carry out his intentions, the businessman enlisted members of a gang that specialized in committing serious and particularly serious crimes, including physical violence against competitors.

Members of the gang launched an attack on the director of one of the legal firms, inflicting blows and stabbing injuries to vital organs. However, this crime was not completed due to reasons beyond the control of the gang members.

Currently, prosecutors and investigators are conducting urgent investigative and procedural actions aimed at exposing all individuals involved in the commission of the crime.

Meanwhile, the suspect Kolomoisky is already in custody.

In 2005, a criminal case was opened against Kolomoisky for an attempted murder of lawyer Serhiy Karpenko due to his refusal to comply with instructions in a corporate dispute over the DniproSpecStal enterprise (Zaporizhzhia). However, under strange circumstances, the case was closed the same year.

In 2013, Viktor Pinchuk, who initiated a legal battle against Kolomoisky in London over shares of the Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant, attempted to revive this case and prove Kolomoisky’s involvement in ordering Karpenko’s murder.

However, at that time, a judge of the High Court of London decided not to include the “Karpenko episode” in the proceedings.

Key Details of the Kolomoisky Oligarch Case:

On September 4, 2023, businessman Igor Kolomoisky was arrested for two months in a case of fraud and money laundering. It concerned the laundering of over half a billion hryvnias from 2013 to 2020 by withdrawing them abroad through controlled banking institutions.

On September 8, NABU and SAP arrested Kolomoisky’s assets worth over 3 billion hryvnias. On September 25, a hearing took place in the Kyiv Court of Appeals in the case of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. On that day, the leading hosts of the 1+1 TV channel, Alla Mazur and Natalia Moseychuk, stated that they were ready to vouch for oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

In court, Kolomoisky stated that he had lost Ukrainian citizenship, but his passport remained. He explained that he was not informed about this, but it follows from the case materials. The businessman also confirmed once again that he also holds passports from Cyprus and Israel. However, ultimately, the court recognized Kolomoisky as a citizen of Ukraine.

Photo: Getty Images