Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, stated that his country does not rule out imposing a ban on the import of agricultural products from Russia.

The politician was quoted by The Guardian.

This statement came amid protests by farmers, not only in Poland but also across Europe. Farmers are protesting against EU environmental standards and what they call “unfair competition from Ukraine” after the European tariffs on Ukrainian imports were lifted.

He noted that Latvia has already imposed an embargo on the import of products from Russia.

“We will look into Latvia’s case, and I do not rule out that Poland will come up with a similar initiative”, added the Polish prime minister.

Tusk emphasized that agricultural products from Russia and Belarus also distort the market. In his opinion, the EU needs to “seriously focus on better regulation when it comes to importing grains and food products from the east”.

Recall that earlier, Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, stated at a press conference that negotiations are underway between the countries regarding the complete closure of the border with Ukraine. Afterward, representatives of Ukraine and Poland held talks on unblocking the border. However, there was no mention of discontinuing trade between the countries.

Photo: Getty Images