Polish carriers have once again blocked the road at the "Shehyni" checkpoint. Currently, all types of transport cannot travel to Poland and into Ukraine.

This was announced by the spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Andriy Demchenko, during a TV marathon broadcast.

“We reported yesterday that we had information from Polish colleagues that the blocking of traffic at three checkpoints – ‘Yahodyn,’ ‘Rava-Ruska,’ and ‘Shehyni’ – would begin at 10:00 today. Of course, all these actions take place on Polish territory at the checkpoints at various distances from the border”, he said.

Demchenko emphasized that the blocking has already begun at the “Shehyni” checkpoint (on the Polish side, this is the “Medyka” checkpoint). He emphasized that while they had previously aimed to block only trucks, they are now blocking the passage for all types of transport.

The spokesperson for the SBGS hopes that soon passenger cars will also be allowed to pass through the checkpoint. Demchenko added that at the other two checkpoints – “Rava-Ruska” and “Yahodyn” – border guards have not yet received information from Polish colleagues about the start of blocking actions.

However, it is not ruled out that at 10:00 Polish time (11:00 Kyiv time), blocking may also begin there.

According to him, the border blockade may continue until the beginning of March, as these were the terms announced to them by representatives from the farming sector.

In the coming days, two more directions – Uhryniv and Ustyluh – may also be blocked.

It is worth noting that Polish farmers have announced a new nationwide strike. It will begin on February 9 and last until March 10. Protesters plan to block all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine, as well as roads and highways throughout the country.

As is known, the European Commission has proposed to extend the abolition of import duties for agricultural goods from Ukraine for 2024, but with restrictions. This initiative will maintain duty-free access for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to European markets, contributing to economic stability and expanding opportunities for Ukrainian businesses.

Photo: Getty Images