In Ukraine, numerous fragments of "Shahed" drones of four models, which Russians used for attacks on Ukraine, have been thoroughly examined.

This was reported in an interview with the publication “Vechirniy Kyiv” by the director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Oleksandr Ruvin.

“We can say that the Russians have established their own production. There is already a ‘Shahed-K’ with the serial number 1614. That’s how many drones have already been produced. In total, Russia has launched at least two factories for the production of ‘Shahed’ drones”, the expert said.

According to experts’ estimates, these drones are better than Iranian ones, but their design and effectiveness do not differ fundamentally. Of the three categories of Shahed drones, with which the enemy attacks Ukraine, one series is completely manufactured in Russia. Their combat part is larger than in the originals. These drones can be considered the most advanced in the lineup.

In Ukraine, the remains of 3480 “Shahed” drones of the “M” series were found – these are entirely Iranian drones. Their details do not have markings indicating they were made in Iran, but this can be determined by other signs.

“Drones marked with the letter ‘M’ are purely of Iranian production. ‘Y’ – come to the Russian Federation in disassembled form, and then the Russians assemble them at their factories. At the same time, all inscriptions indicating the country of manufacture, namely Iran, are cut off with a grinder or laser from the components”, Ruvin explains.

In the first “Shahed” drones shot down in Ukraine, there were parts manufactured in the USA, Poland, Japan, and in Ukraine itself or for it. In one of the UAVs, a push-button mobile phone with the inscription “made in Vietnam” was found.

Photo: open sources