The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense already has lists of individuals that the Kremlin plans to involve in the so-called "Maidan-3" operation aimed at destabilizing Ukraine.

This was stated by the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Andriy Yusov, on “Radio Svoboda”.

However, he refused to name specific names at this time.

“There are lists of people that the enemy is working on, and there are tasks to involve them in spreading their rhetoric and influencing the socio-political situation in the country. These are dozens of people if we are talking about influential categories”, said the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Yusov explained that to achieve the goals of promoting Russian narratives and destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, there is massive buying and creation of channels on Telegram.

Also, according to him, Russians are actively creating bot farms to amplify Kremlin rhetoric on social media.

“Currently, there is an active ‘procurement’ of various tools in real-time – starting from Telegram channels, pages on various social networks, and up to reaching out to opinion leaders. Every time we hear narratives that destabilize our country from within, delegitimize the adoption of state decisions – accordingly, we understand who these narratives work for”, said Yusov.

What is known about the most expensive information attack by the Russian Federation “Maidan-3”?

Recall that on November 16, 2023, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Moscow seeks to sow discord in Ukrainian society, create “chaos” within the country, and remove the president – according to intelligence, this plan in Russia is called “Maidan-3.”

In particular, Russia is trying to sow thoughts about the illegitimacy of the Ukrainian government within the country. This was stated by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov, adding that this is a “very expensive” operation for Russia.

Photo: open sources