Russia is deploying personnel from the Pacific Fleet to fight in Ukraine, as well as the 11th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense. These actions by the enemy are aimed at replenishing personnel after significant losses.

This information was reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate.

It is noted that these military units of the aggressor state were not directly involved in hostilities against Ukraine before.

“According to the decision of the commander of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation, Viktor Liiny, rotations to Syria are completely suspended, and the entire personnel is being sent to the combat zone in Ukraine. This involves 2000 Russian servicemen from the Primorsky and Kamchatka Territories of the Russian Federation”, the Main Intelligence Directorate reports.

The department pointed out that about 400 soldiers from among the military units of the 11th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense, stationed in the Khabarovsk Territory of the Russian Federation, will “plug the holes” in the 155th and 40th brigades of the Russian Marine Corps, which are conducting hostilities against Ukraine and are understaffed due to serious losses.

“A portion of the personnel from the military units of the Russian Far East will join the new motorized rifle brigade of the aggressor state, which is being formed in Voronezh”, the Main Intelligence Directorate noted.

Earlier, it was reported that Russians had intensified the mobilization of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied Kherson region. In addition, Russia is increasing its measures of informational and psychological influence on Ukrainians in the occupation.

Photo: Getty Images