The terrorist country Russia has changed its tactics of attacks on Ukraine's energy sector. Russia's strategic goal is permanent and irreparable destruction. Some facilities will not be fully restored by the next winter.

This is reported by the Financial Times.

With precision missiles, Russians are striking power plants in less protected areas than Kyiv.

But the number of missiles fired during the winter of 2022/2023 is now directed at 5-6 targets. The occupiers’ goal is to cut off large industrial regions and cities of Ukraine from electricity.

For example, from March 22 to 29, Russia struck 7 thermal power plants and 2 hydroelectric power plants in regions with insufficient air defense. The massive power outages were mitigated by warm weather, imports from the EU, and green energy generation.

At the same time, the Kremlin has enough missiles for another one or two major attacks in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of intensified attacks on the energy sector, Lithuania proposes dismantling its closed thermal power plants for spare parts and transferring them to Ukraine. This proposal was made by the Ministry of Energy of the country.

The enemy intensifies attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure: the consequences are devastating.

On March 22, Russia carried out the most massive attack on Ukraine’s energy sector since the beginning of the war. In particular, the dam and technical premises of the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station in Zaporizhzhia were damaged.

Also, the aggressor military of the country completely destroyed the Zmiiv Thermal Power Plant in the Kharkiv region.

Halushchenko called the March 22 attack the most massive since the beginning of the war. DTEK lost about 80% of its power generation capacity.

Photo: open sources