The Russians is conducting offensive actions in the border areas of the northern region. In particular, the situation remains tense in the direction of Vovchansk.

This was stated by the head of the Disinformation Counteraction Center at the National Security and Defense Council, Andriy Kovalenko.

According to the official, the occupiers’ goal is to provoke the redeployment of resources to the Kharkiv direction from other sections of the front.

“Everything is happening exactly as predicted. The enemy is actively using activities in the border areas. The enemy is acting in the border areas. There is currently a limited operation by the enemy. Specifically in the border zone. And its border villages — the enemy’s key plan is to draw our additional resources away”, he said.

Russian offensive in Kharkiv region: tense situation in Vovchansk

On May 10, Russian forces launched a new wave of advance in Kharkiv region. Currently, battles are taking place in the border areas. Reuters, citing sources in the Armed Forces, reported that Russian armies managed to advance a kilometer deep near Vovchansk, and their goal is to push Ukrainian troops 10 kilometers inside the country.

The civilian population was evacuated from the Vovchansk community in Kharkiv region.

On the morning of May 11, Russian invaders resumed assault actions near the settlement of Hlyboke in Kharkiv region.

After a day of intensified fighting for the region, the Operational Command “Khortytsia” stated that the “gray zone” in Kharkiv region is not expanding, and the Armed Forces are preventing Russians from advancing deeper into the region.

Later, the General Staff reported that the operational situation remains difficult and dynamically changing on the Kharkiv direction, but in the battles for Vovchansk, the occupiers still have tactical success.

Photo: Getty Images