In the Zviaghelska community of Zhytomyr region, an object of critical infrastructure was damaged as a result of the RF attack. Local residents were warned about the threat of air pollution and the transition of schools to distance learning format.

This was reported by the head of the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Vitaliy Bunechko and the Zviaghel City Council.

It is noted that during the attack, the air defense forces of the region managed to shoot down some “Shahed” drones. According to preliminary information, there are no casualties or injuries as a result of the enemy strike.

“Currently, there is a direct threat of air pollution, so it is recommended to stay indoors with closed windows”, the Zviaghel City Council reports.

In particular, the Commission on Emergency Situations and Civil Protection decided on distance learning in general education institutions.

“Regarding preschool education institutions: rotating groups will operate for parents who have no one to leave their children with”, the statement said.

Meanwhile, in Odesa region, a Russian drone damaged a logistics and transportation facility as well as a gas station. The military clarified that during the night, Russian forces once again launched several waves of Shahed-131/136 UAV strikes on southern regions.

Photo: open sources