In Zaporizhzhia near the village of Robotine, Russians executed three Ukrainian soldiers who fell into captivity.

This was reported by the DeepState team, citing a video that appeared on social media and information from military units stationed in the area.

It is claimed that the latest war crime committed by the occupiers occurred on February 18th when they launched an offensive on Robotine from the south.

“The Russians were advancing on the village from the south and captured part of a large strongpoint where three fighters of the 3rd Separate Special Purpose Regiment ‘Spartan’ remained. Disregarding the rules and customs of war once again, the enemy, having taken our fighters prisoner, executed them. Footage has already appeared online”, DeepState reported.

Currently, there is no official information on this matter. It is known that fighting is ongoing near Robotine, with the enemy attempting daily assaults. Just in the past day, the Defense Forces repelled 11 attacks near Malynivka and Robotine in the Zaporizhzhia direction. It is known that in the past few days, Russian advances have suffered defeats.

As we reported? Ukraine has appealed to the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to investigate all the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Ukrainian military personnel who surrendered as prisoners of war in the fortified area of “Zenit” in Avdiivka by Russians.

Photo: open sources