Russian attacks in the Kharkiv region will continue for three to four more days, after which the Russian Armed Forces are expected to launch a decisive offensive towards Sumy.

This was reported by The New York Times, citing the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov.

“All our forces are either here or in Chasove Yar. I’ve used everything we have. Unfortunately, we have no one else in reserve”, he said.

According to Budanov, the Ukrainian military are facing a critical shortage of weapons, especially artillery ammunition. Despite the fact that weapons from the United States were approved three weeks ago, they have barely started arriving at the front.

Kyrylo Budanov added that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to strengthen their defenses and stabilize the front lines over the next few days. However, he expects Russia to launch a new offensive further north of Kharkiv, in the Sumy region.

Denys Yaroslavskyi, commander of the reconnaissance unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated that the occupiers are dropping five to seven bombs every three minutes. This complicates evacuation efforts as the enemy is shelling the roads that volunteer vehicles must travel on.

On May 10, Russian forces began a new wave of attacks in the Kharkiv region. Currently, battles are ongoing in the border areas. Reuters, citing sources in the Armed Forces, reported that Russian troops managed to advance one kilometer inland near Vovchansk, with their goal being to push Ukrainian forces back 10 kilometers into the country.

Civilian population in the Vovchansk community in Kharkiv region has been evacuated.

Later, the General Staff reported that the operational situation on the Kharkiv direction remains complex and dynamically changing, but the occupiers still have tactical success in the battles for Vovchansk.

On May 13, the Regional Military Administration reported that the Russian advance has expanded the “gray zone” in the Kharkiv region.

Photo: Getty Images