Russian forces targeted five settlements in the Kherson region and the regional center itself. Three people, including a child, were injured.

This was reported by the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin.

“Over the past day, the enemy shelled Novovorontsovka, Antonivka, and the city of Kherson. Kozatske, Berislav, and Novoberislav also came under enemy fire and airstrikes”, he noted.

According to Prokudin, Russian military targeted residential quarters of settlements, damaging 3 apartment buildings and 3 private houses. Hits on a medical facility, educational institution, kindergarten, private cars, and a gas pipeline were also recorded.

The gas leak has been stopped, and there are no fires or threats. Due to Russian aggression, three people were wounded, including one child.

Recall that on the night of April 22, occupiers attacked with 7 “Shahed-131/136” strike UAVs and 3 Zenith guided missiles S-300/S-400 from occupied Donetsk region. Air defense forces destroyed 5 strike and 1 reconnaissance drone. All drones were shot down in the Odessa region.

Photo: Getty Images