On September 26, for two hours, Russian occupiers launched attacks on the Odesa region using armed drones.

This was reported by the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Oleg Kiper.

It is noted that most of the drones were intercepted by air defense systems, but there were also successful hits. In the Izmail district, the port infrastructure suffered damage.

Furthermore, a checkpoint building, warehouse facilities, around 30 trucks, and 6 lorries caught fire. The fires were successfully extinguished.

According to Kiper, two men, truck drivers, were also injured. One of them received medical assistance on-site, while the other, with a severe hand injury, was hospitalized.

The night before, on September 25, Russian occupiers shelled the port infrastructure of Odesa and other objects. The occupiers launched 19 “Shahed” drones, 12 “Kalibr” missiles, and 2 supersonic “Onyx” missiles towards the south, targeting Odesa and the region.

Photo: Odessa Regional State Administration