During the night of September 25th, Russian occupiers launched 19 "Shahed" drones, 12 "Kalibr" cruise missiles, and 2 supersonic "Onyx" missiles in the southern regions, including Odesa and its surrounding areas.

This information is reported by the Southern Defense Forces.

During the night, the enemy directed 19 attack drones of the “Shahed-136/131” type and 2 supersonic “Onyx” missiles towards Odesa region.

Additionally, the Russians used 12 “Kalibr” cruise missiles with complex flight trajectories in various areas. For the naval attack, a submarine from the Novorossiysk bay was also involved.

“19 ‘Shaheds’ and 11 ‘Kalibrs’ were intercepted by air defense forces and equipment. One ‘Kalibr’ hit near Mykolaiv and Kirovohrad, while the majority struck over Odesa”, the statement reads.

As explained by the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “Pivden” (South) in an interview with KYIV24, the Russians hit the port infrastructure of the city.

“They targeted the port infrastructure, including the non-functioning ‘Odesa’ hotel within the territory of the maritime station. There was a fire in that building. Some warehouses were hit, several residential houses were damaged. There is a minor injury to a woman”, he noted.

As known, on the night of September 25th, Russian occupiers shelled the port infrastructure of Odesa and other objects.

Photo: open sources