During the massive bombardment of Ukraine on April 11, Russian forces deployed over 80 drones and missiles, including "Kinzhal" missiles.

This was reported by the commander of the Air Force, Mykola Oleshchuk.

During the night of April 11, 2024, Russian occupiers launched a combined missile strike using various types of missiles and strike UAVs. The main direction of attack was the Lviv region.

In total, according to him, the enemy used 82 air attack assets:

• 20 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles from Tu-95MS strategic bombers (launch area – Saratov region, Russia);

• 6 aeroballistic missiles Kh-47M2 “Kinzhal” from MiG-31K interceptors (launch area – Tambov region, Russia);

• 12 guided surface-to-air missiles S-300 (launched from the Belgorod region, Russia);

• 40 strike UAVs of the “Shahed-131/136” type (from the areas of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Russia, and Chauda, Crimea).

• 4 guided aviation missiles Kh-59 (from the airspace of the occupied Zaporizhzhia region).

To repel the enemy’s air attack, fighter aviation and air defense missile troops of the Air Force, mobile fire groups, and radio-electronic warfare units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were involved.

As a result of the air battle, 57 air targets were destroyed:

• 16 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles;

• 39 strike UAVs of the “Shahed-131/136” type

• 2 guided aviation missiles Kh-59.

Massive shelling of Ukraine: all details

During the massive air strike on Ukraine on April 11, Russian occupiers, using both drones and missiles, attacked critical energy infrastructure objects in four regions. Explosions were heard, in particular, in Kharkiv and Lviv, and an infrastructure object was damaged in the Kyiv region. In Kharkiv and the region, there were at least 10 strikes on critical infrastructure. As of now, there are no casualties. There are disruptions in power supply. The metro will not operate for the next few hours.

MiG-31K attacked the city of Stryi in the Lviv region with “Kinzhal” missiles, according to the Ukrainian Air Force. Monitoring groups report that eight missiles were recorded. Strategic aviation also launched Kh-101 cruise missiles. Explosions were heard in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Volyn regions. The attack was supported by “Shahed” drones.

Photo: open sources