German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again denied the possibility of supplying long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine, citing the risk of Germany being drawn into a war with Russia.

This was reported by RND.

“We must not be linked to the goals achieved by this system (referring to the range of Taurus missiles – Ed.). Therefore, this is not the next option on the agenda”, Scholz said in an interview with RND.

He emphasized that Taurus missiles have an extremely long range, and the control over targets carried out by the British and French is impossible for Germany.

“Anyone who has dealt with this system knows this”, the chancellor added.

Scholz expressed annoyance with the “lack of balance between what is really needed now and the discussion about Taurus”.

“What Ukraine lacks is ammunition of all possible lengths and distances, but not fundamentally from Germany”, he noted.

Since 2023, Ukraine has been asking Germany to start supplying Taurus missiles capable of hitting targets up to 500 kilometers away. The German government, including Chancellor Scholz, consistently refuses, fearing strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Russian territory.

On February 19, the ruling coalition in the Bundestag prepared a call to the government to supply long-range missiles to Ukraine, but without specifically mentioning Taurus. On February 22, the Bundestag supported a resolution recommending to the German government to start supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

Photo: open sources