Those schools of the Kyiv region that will work in the new school year offline or in a mixed form will be monitored by patrolling groups of the patrol police.

This was announced by the head of the National Police of Kyiv region, Andrii Nebytov, during the briefing.

“In the event of shelling, they (police officers – ed.) will primarily go to educational institutions. The goal of “A” is to provide primary medical care, if necessary, “B” is to provide evacuation and any necessary assistance,” Andriy Nebytov said.

Also, to ensure educational process, police officers conduct trainers of behavior rules during wartime and in case of detection of suspicious objects.

In total, 88 educational institutions in the Kyiv region will work offline, and 98 – exclusively online. Another 399 educational institutions will work on a mixed educational form. That is, children will study partly offline and partly remotely. Another 22 institutions of professional and technical education and six universities will also work in a mixed form.

Also, the commission, together with educators, examines educational institutions in the region.

“Police of the Kyiv region have already inspected 1,127 educational institutions. CCTV is installed in 129 institutions, security frames – only in two, and panic buttons in 463 institutions. As we can see, there is still work to be done,” Nebytov added.

Photo: National Police