Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico shot at after government meeting in Handlova; he was airlifted to hospital.

As reported by Aktuality, spokesperson for the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country, Matej Noymann, confirmed that an assassination attempt had been made on the head of the Slovak government.

According to Pluska, Fico’s condition is very serious. The portal claims that the prime minister was hit by two to three bullets – he was wounded in the abdomen and chest. It is reported that up to five shots were fired.

As noted by Denník N, the shots rang out in front of the cultural center where the government meeting was taking place when the prime minister went out to meet people.

According to the testimony of a journalist from the publication who was at the scene, he did not witness the incident but was nearby and heard several shots. Then he saw security guards lifting Fico from the ground, putting him in a car, and driving away.

Witnesses who were present at the scene said that the prime minister approached people who were greeting him, and it was then that several shots were fired. After that, the head of the government fell to the ground.

The police detained the alleged attacker, who was surrounded by police in the adjacent area. Meanwhile, those present in the cultural center were evacuated. Security ensured the safety of other government members.

Photo: Getty Images