An explosive device dropped by a drone belonging to the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) caused a blackout at a substation in the village of Snahost in the Kursk region of Russia.

This information is reported by UP and Suspilne, citing their own sources within the SSU.

“Russians should understand that if they continue to attack Ukrainian energy facilities, they will receive a strong response. Our resources allow us to do so”, stated the SSU.

A spokesperson for the publication noted that SSU special operations have reached a new level.

He added, “We really want the Russians to feel what a ‘blackout’ is, with power outage schedules and the search for generators”.

Recall that on the night of September 25, explosions were heard in Kursk. Russians claimed that drones attacked the city. It was reported that drones were shot down, but there was damage. Subsequently, it was reported that seven settlements in the Kursk region were left without electricity as a result of the attack.

Photo: Open sources