As a result of the strike on the airfield in Dzhankoy in occupied Crimea, where Russian forces are stationed, a number of pieces of equipment were successfully destroyed or critically damaged.

According to intelligence reports, the following equipment was destroyed or damaged:

  • 4 S-400 missile system launchers;
  • 3 radar stations;
  • Command post for air defense systems;
  • Airspace observation equipment “Fundament-M”.

Currently, intelligence is still specifying the number of affected or destroyed Russian aircraft objects and the number of losses among the personnel of the Russian occupying army.

Earlier, The Sun reported that Ukraine used long-range ATACMS missiles of American production for a precise strike on Dzhankoy.

Recall that explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Crimea in the city of Dzhankoy near the military airfield on Tuesday night. Local telegram channels reported this.

After the explosions at the military airfield, a massive fire broke out.

Photo: open sources