The Russian command plans to involve approximately 500 individuals from the disbanded Wagner PMC in the war against Ukraine.

This was announced by the Chief of the Press Service of the Eastern Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ilya Yevlash, during a televised marathon.

“We confirm that the ‘Wagnerites’ are present in the territory of the Eastern Forces. These are military personnel from the Wagner PMC who were on the territory of Belarus. Currently, their camps are being disbanded there. There were around 8,000 of them. Some of these militants have gone to Africa, while others are renegotiating contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense and returning here, to the East of Ukraine, to take part in combat actions, both as instructors and military personnel”, he explained.

Yevlash noted that this involves the remnants of the Wagner PMC, approximately 500 individuals, whom the Russian command plans to deploy in the war against Ukraine.

“However, they will not pose a significant threat as before since they lack their main leader, Prigozhin. These individuals are indeed some of the best-trained in the Russian army, but they will not become a game-changer”, he added.

Meanwhile, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGSU) has confirmed that there are fewer than a thousand “Wagnerites” remaining in Belarus.

Photo: Open sources