Ten Ukrainian military personnel have completed training in the Netherlands on servicing F-16 fighter jets

This was reported by the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

The Ukrainian servicemen were taught how to service all critical components for F-16 pilots, including the helmet, oxygen systems, and onboard parachutes.

The training also included assembling and checking the survival kit, which enables a pilot to stay alive for several days after an emergency landing. The kit contains items such as food and medicine.

The course was designed by the Flight Safety Equipment Cluster.

“F-16 pilots essentially place their lives in the hands of the soldiers who maintain the aircraft. When they take off, they know they can rely on the knowledge and skills of these people”, said a cluster representative.

It should be noted that the Netherlands have agreed to provide Ukraine with at least 24 F-16 fighter jets. Denmark, Norway, and Belgium will also be supplying such aircraft.

Photo: open sources