The Ukrainian government has made changes to the action plan aimed at preventing abuse of excessive influence by individuals who hold significant economic and political power in society (oligarchs).

 This was stated in the Cabinet of Ministers’ Order No. 827-r dated September 19, published on the Government Portal.

According to the new terms, the functioning and content of the Oligarch Registry are planned to be established three months after the cessation/cancellation of the state of war.

Previously, the registry was supposed to be created three months after the publication of the Venice Commission’s conclusion on the law on oligarchs.

This decision was made in consideration of the fact that the war in Ukraine complicates the full implementation of the law on oligarchs. In particular, the government noted that during the state of war, it is impossible to fully gather information about oligarchs and conduct necessary verifications.

It is expected that after the end of the state of war, the process of creating the Oligarch Registry will be resumed.

It’s worth noting that the law on oligarchs was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in October 2021. This law envisions the creation of a Registry of Oligarchs, to which individuals with significant economic and political influence in Ukrainian society will be added. The Oligarch Registry will be used to prevent the abuse of excessive influence by oligarchs in the political and economic life of Ukraine.

Photo: Open sources