Human Rights Commissioner Dmitry Lubinets stated that as of March 1, he had not received any official data from Russia regarding the possible deaths of Ukrainian prisoners of war during the crash of the Il-76 in the Russian Federation, but after the statement of the Russian ombudsman about the readiness to hand over the bodies, he will once again address this issue to the Russian side.

This was announced by Lubinets in a comment to the “Ukrainian Pravda” publication.

“My position is maximally consistent: I remain convinced that Russia is once again speculating on the issue of the Il-76, which crashed on January 24. I can officially confirm the facts: as of now, I have not received any official lists or other information. If, according to the Russian side, we can assume that someone was on that plane, then as a state and as an authorized person, we demanded a transparent investigation, access to the crash site, involvement of international organizations in the investigation, and lists of those people who, according to their claims, were there”, he emphasized.

“I used all possible communication channels the next day to obtain official information from the Russian side. But I did not receive any data”, the ombudsman explained.

He also added that he raises the issue of repatriating all citizens of Ukraine – children, hostages, prisoners of war – and the repatriation of the bodies of Ukrainian heroes during each communication through various channels.

“After receiving information from the Russian side, today we will do everything so that no one ever accuses the Ukrainian side that we are not ready to retrieve the bodies of our heroes. But at the same time, we do not confirm the fact that Ukrainian prisoners were on board the crashed plane – I have not received any lists or other evidence of this”, Lubinets emphasized.

When asked if the lists of prisoners of war, which were then published by Russian propagandists, were somehow verified, Lubinets said that he turned to the Russian side officially, and he called the appearance of such data on social networks “an element of hybrid warfare”.

“We will address Russia using all available communication channels. And if Russia really hands over the bodies to us, as soon as we receive them, all necessary expertise will be carried out – and finally, relatives and loved ones will have the opportunity to bury the heroes with dignity. But I say once again – if the Russian side really hands them over to us”, he said.

Earlier, Russia claimed that they were allegedly ready to hand over to Ukraine the bodies of those killed in the crash of a military transport plane Il-76 in the Belgorod region.

The crash of the Il-76 in the Russian Federation: what is known

On January 24, a military transport plane Il-76 crashed in the Korocha district of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

Russia claims that allegedly there were 65 Ukrainian prisoners on the plane, six crew members, and three accompanying persons. The Russians accuse Ukraine of shooting down the plane. In turn, Ukraine called not to spread fakes until official statements.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that it is necessary to establish all clear facts. As far as possible given that the crash of the plane occurred on Russian territory – beyond our control. He also canceled visits to the regions on January 25 until the whole situation is clarified.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that the Administration of President Vladimir Putin did not receive a request from Ukraine to hand over the bodies of prisoners of war who, according to the Russian side, died on January 24 in the Il-76 plane crash near Belgorod.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov stated that the Russian Il-76 plane did indeed crash in the Belgorod region, but there were no Ukrainian prisoners of war on board.

Photo: open sources