Ukrainian military personnel have likely begun using anti-drone systems called Vampire against Russian drones. This is evidenced by a video released by the Ukrainian Navy's press service.

Defense Express reported on this development.

According to analysts, the Vampire system was likely used to repel an attack by “Shahed” drones on the night of February 11. At that time, the Ukrainian Navy’s press service showcased video footage of the combat operations of its air defense units. It is presumed that this video shows the Vampire system in action.

In the footage, anti-aircraft gunners can be seen targeting an enemy drone using an unknown electro-optical station.

Subsequently, a rocket-propelled projectile hits the drone, causing the “Shahed” to spiral and fall.

These scenes suggest that the video shows the first publicly available footage of the combat operations of the Vampire missile systems with guided APKWS rockets.

About the Vampire system:

The Vampire is a mobile lightweight anti-aircraft system that utilizes modified 70mm APKWS rockets with a laser guidance system. Field trials of the system began in 2021, and in the summer of 2022, the company continued testing its target engagement range and overall system reliability.

The Vampire features the WESCAM MX-10 electro-optical system with thermal and television cameras. The system is portable and can be mounted on various vehicles, including simple off-road vehicles.

It is known that some Vampire units received by Ukraine are installed on the chassis of the American multi-purpose off-road vehicle “Humvee.” However, the system is autonomous and can be installed on any ground transport within a few hours.

Photo: open sources