Ukraine expects to receive multi-role F-16 fighters and missiles with a range of 300-500 km in future packages of military aid.

This was announced by the Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev.

“In the upcoming packages of military aid, Ukraine expects to receive F-16 aircraft and missiles with a range of 300-500 kilometers, which will allow the Ukrainian Defense Forces to achieve even greater success on the battlefield and liberate our territory from the enemy”, he said.

Serhiy Nayev emphasized that during the first month of Russia’s full-scale invasion, anti-tank missile systems NLAW, JAVELIN, and portable anti-aircraft missile systems STINGER, STARSTREAK, and PIORUN played a crucial role.

“With the appearance in the summer of 2022 of reactive multiple-launch rocket systems M142 HIMARS, and later M270 MLRS, the enemy suffered even more significant losses in the logistics support of its advanced units and was forced to move its field depots and control points over 100 kilometers from the front line”, he explained.

According to Nayev, servicemen of mobile anti-tank fire groups from ambushes destroyed enemy armored columns and disrupted the logistics of its units. Mobile air defense groups armed with portable anti-aircraft missile systems destroyed enemy aircraft and attack helicopters, eliminating airborne assault.

In his statement, Nayev noted that today, the indicators of destroying enemy air attack means sometimes reach 100%. However, Nayev emphasizes that Ukraine needs new means to combat the enemy for the complete liberation of the territory.

Photo: Getty Images