Two hydroelectric power stations sustained significant damage due to attacks on the country's critical infrastructure.

This was reported by the press service of “Ukrhydroenergo”.

“As of today, the entire hydro generation has suffered devastating damage. The destroyed equipment requires significant efforts for repair, restoration, and substantial financial resources,” the statement said.

The company reported that two stations, the names of which are not specified, ceased operations due to massive Russian shelling that occurred on the morning of May 8th. At that time, Russians fired 55 rockets and over 20 kamikaze drones at Ukraine.

It is worth noting that there are a total of 10 hydroelectric power stations in Ukraine, located on the Dnipro and Dnister rivers:

  • Kyiv HPP and Kyiv PSPP;
  • Kremenchuk HPP;
  • Kaniv HPP;
  • Dniester HPP;
  • Dnipro HPP-1 and Dnipro HPP-2;
  • Dniester HPP and Dniester PSPP;
  • Kakhovka HPP.

Photo: open sources